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koreacosmtics,wrinkle improvement, whitening, high-enriched

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  • Size3 * 3 * 12 mm
  • Weight134 mg
  • Payment TermsT/T


  • South Korea South Korea
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Me (Beauty) Energy Renewal Cream Essence
Containing complex peptide having EGF ,, which helps skin regeneration and has big effect in your skin generation management, and cultured liquid from lotus flower stem cell which has a soothing and moisturizing effect of azulene, which has outstanding effect to treat red and sensitive skin for giving young and vital energy to your skin, this product, as cream essence products for anti-aging and soothing helps skin regeneration management when you apply it to your skin after skin therapy such as laser or peeling



EGF 5 Kinds of Complex Peptide 







  In ordinary daily life and with this single product (all-in-one product) having complex nutrition ingredient, you can solve your skin problem and do skin care easily for six types of skin care for baby face.

2) Skin regeneration solution after taking skin therapy
This product’s skin regeneration ingredients relieve the reddish skin which becomes sensitive after


skin therapy by soothing and moisturizing the skin and make the part of skin going though the therapy restored smoothly for enhancing effect of skin therapy.


 EGF Skin care to make your skin tight and healthy by treating various troubles of your skin
Containing 5 kinds of complex peptide, this product has effect on skin care against loose skin




 Azulene niacinamide and 17  



Kinds of amino acid complex 
















Azulene stem cell cultured liquid (17 kinds of amino acid complex) /skin whitening and wrinkle improvement /
Skin whitening and wrinkle improvement (Korea Food & Drug Administration)
Completed hypoallergenic clinical testing
Not containing 10 chemical ingredie





 Skin whitening and wrinkle improvement 

































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koreacosmtics_wrinkle improvement_ whitening_ high_enriched ampule

koreacosmtics_wrinkle improvement_ whitening_ high_enriched